Growers and consumers, wherever in the world, make considerable demands on the potato. Growers, of course, want a healthy crop with a productive yield. Consumers want a potato that can be used for a specific purpose e.g. boiling, crisps, fries, baking or stews. Each dish, each climate, each type of soil calls for a different variety of potato.

TopSeed grows the right varieties for each potato consumer. At the same time, we deliver productive and healthy seed to the growers.

Our main seed potato export markets are:  South Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Far East. The potato varieties that we grow are well adapted to the specific climate conditions in these regions.

By sharing our long experience and know how in these regions we can respond quickly and efficiently to the needs of our clients. Throughout the growing seasons we keep close contact with our trade agents and representatives. In close communication we coach our partners, provide practical field training to growers and apply new strategies.

The continuous interaction with the seed growers in Europe and our overseas customers always bring many new ideas and plans for improvement. We experience professionalism, dedication and trust is the ultimate base for “Partnership” in our seed potato world.

TopSeed is always interested in meeting new business partners. Feel free to contact us if you have plans or ideas!